Piped in by Bryce McCulloch - Reliable Experianced Highland Piper
Piped in by Bryce McCulloch - Reliable Experianced Highland Piper


A Scottish wedding isn't complete without a Wedding piper to greet the guests on arrival and to bring ceremony to the proceedings. The following is the normal format for having a Piper play at your wedding but can be adapted to suit the occasion.

  1. Piper to play for the arrival of the guests.
  2. Piper to play for the arrival of the Bride and Bridesmaids.
  3. Bagpiper to play Bride into ceremony if required.
  4. Pipe after the ceremony leading the happy married couple outside.
  5. Piper to play during initial photographs.
  6. Bagpiper to play for arrival of guests and wedding party to reception venue.
  7. Pipe Bride and Groom and Top Table guests to Dinner.
  8. As an additional extra why not book a wake up call on the morning after the ceremony, if it's good enough for the Queen!

During the signing of the register I can play a selection of tunes on the Scottish Small Pipes, this instrument is a lot quieter and suited to indoors and wont disturb the proceedings.


This price includes my transport cost from South West Scotland and meals where appropriate. Full military style uniform will be worn with feather bonnet unless otherwise stated. During periods of not playing I will be available for photographs and to answer questions on the bagpipes and anything else relevant.

It is normal and much requested that the piper be available to pose for photographs with the newly married couple and with guests, a function which I am happy to perform. With the No.1 military style uniform this has become a regular and much sought after opportunity for those wishing special memories of their day. Without doubt this is the way all pipers should be dressed, standing out from the kilted guests in a definite visual role.


Costs for this service vary according to requirements, travelling distance, times and dates. Special rates for midweek (Monday - Thursday) apply.

Pipers Word of Advice. Don't be overcharged for hiring a piper during a Pipe Band championship day, they can't do both, will have no intention of going to the band competition and are only exploiting you or will take the booking and send someone less experienced for a fraction of the fee.

Pipers Word of Advice. Only choose your Piper if he is full time or a close family friend and ensure that they are prepared to confirm there attendance in writing. Too many pipers let people down by being on band duty or taking on a 'better offer'. I know because I deal with numerous people who have been let down within a few weeks or days before the wedding.


This function is requested mostly from companies and organisations hosting conferences and meetings. The role of the piper here varies according to venue as the dinner itself need not necessary be in the same location. Therefore the guests can be met by the Piper at the door or car park and led to the entrance to be met by the venue staff. The sound of the pipes is the  normal call to dinner at these events and guests follow the piper to the dinning room.


During dinner a Haggis, Neeps and Tatties course may be served, again the piper can add ceremony to this by piping in the Haggis, introducing Robert Burns as Scotland's national poet followed by The Address to the Haggis, a poem extolling the virtues of Scotland's national dish.


After dinner the piper may be asked to perform a selection of tunes or lead Highland dancers in a display of Scottish Highland Dancing.

Costs for this service vary according to requirements, travelling distance, times and dates.


Whither it be a graveyard, crematorium or scattering of ashes the music of a funeral bagpiper is a moving and evocative touch to such a sad and heartbreaking event. The sound of the Pipes focuses the gathering mourners on the solemnity of the occasion whilst taking the edge of the harshness of grieving but gives a touch of ceremony and dignity to the life of the deceased. Once the ceremony of the military and ex - servicemen this function is carried out more often for those who are Scottish and those with a Scottish connection.

Format for a funeral piper is as follows.

  1. Piper leads the cortege to the graveside and as the mourners gather round with some slow marches and airs. 

  2. During the laying of the coffin the piper plays a lament, normal the Flowers of the Forest.

  3. Finally, when the mourners leave the graveside the piper plays some retreats and marches.

At Crematoriums the Piper can play for the mourners arriving, departing or leading the coffin into the chapel. However, permission has to be sought from the management as rules vary about the times and places for a Piper to play. 

Costs for this service vary according to venue location. From £60.

I have worked with most Ayrshire Funeral Directors including ML Williams Ayr, Armours Funeral Services Ayrshire, Co-Operative Funeral Care Ayrshire, J & J Lindsay Girvan, Thomas McKellar & Sons Kilmarnock, Paul Stevenson Funeral Directors Ltd Saltcoats and also with Masonhill, Holmsford Bridge, Linn and Greenock Crematorium.


The biggest and most popular Scottish celebration night after Hogmanay. Burns Suppers celebrate the works of Robert Burns on the anniversary of his birth on the 25th January 1759. Although this is the official date these suppers take place every weekend and during the week until and including dates in March, such is the popularity of the event. Obviously Pipers are in great demand owing to the number of events taking place and it is advised that enquiries and bookings should be made at the earliest opportunity. Be aware, Pipers tend to have a diary from one year to the next, if you get a good Piper book him for next year.

The Pipers roles include some or all of the following

  1. Pipe for arrival of guests.

  2. Pipe speakers and official guests to top table

  3. Pipe in the Haggis, address is normally carried out by a speaker but I am prepared to do this.

  4. Call company to order after breaks with a selection of tunes.

  5. Play selection of tunes when required during the evening.

Costs for this service vary according to venue location. Hospitality is normally offered at these events therefore, price reflects this generosity.


  1. Product Launches

  2. Arrivals

  3. Birthday Parties

  4. Coperate Functions

  5. Evening Entertainment

  6. St Andrews and Scottish Nights

  7. Film, TV and Media

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